Elevator Speech: Scripted Commercial or Simple Conversation?

When it comes to creating your message, I’m all for scribbling-out your thoughts. It’s the only way to really see what you’re thinking. Letting questions rattle around in your head and then emptying every possible response onto paper can be enlightening, and lead you to a “Wow, is that what I do?” moment.

The problems start when we move from scribbling to scripting. We write-out and memorize our elevator pitch, and when given the chance, we recite it. We narrate a 60-second commercial full of seemingly important information like our title, a product list, and a location (at the corner of “Who Cares St.” and “Why Do I Give A Darn Dr.), and offer a business card that will, invariably, find its way into a recycle bin filled with other unsolicited promotional trash.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for developing your story, and being prepared to share it whenever you’re invited to do so. But don’t memorize a speech that you hope will convince people to buy from you. Share a story that invites people to buy-in to you. Trade the scripted commercial for a personal conversation. It’s the only path to a real connection.

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