Do people listen and respond when you speak? Do you want them to?

From pitching new products to introducing non-profits, whether you’re a seasoned executive or a first-time entrepreneur, there are few skills more crucial to your success than your ability to communicate. If you’re fighting your fear of public speaking, developing your presentation skills, or working on a speech for an upcoming event, the Wordsmith can help. Unlike traditional speech coaching and sales training systems, these proven programs empower with topic knowledge, enhance self-awareness and skill development, and provide opportunities to apply learned skills with immediate individual feedback and long-term goal setting.

Presentation Power

Small group workshop that makes you a more confident, more engaging, and more successful public speaker. Ideal for entrepreneurs and executives who want to accellerate their efforts by increasing their connection with audiences.

Presentation Polish

Individual executive coaching, ideal for business professionals preparing for an upcoming event or developing the skills to make every presentation more interesting, more engaging, and more effective.

Presentation Practice

Group or individual sessions provide a unique opportunity to review and rehearse an upcoming speech or event presentation, and receive feedback and coaching to make the presenter and the presentation more engaging, more effective, and more successful.

Improve your public speaking skills, increase your public speaking success. Contact the Wordsmith today!