About R.J.

I started out as a science geek. I graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and took an R&D job at a food ingredient company where I made an amazing personal discovery. I was a scientist who could speak “science” and “sales.” And I could help others do it too. Through the following 15ish years, I traveled around the country, and the world, speaking, instructing, training…communicating.

I established Wordsmithing by Foster to help people shape and share their message in a way that truly connects with their audience. Since then, I’ve written material for every major media platform, and provided coaching for individuals and groups ranging from early entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals, family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. I love what I do because it’s enlightening and empowering for my clients and myself. I give people the words to say what’s in their hearts and minds, and the confidence to say it in a way that makes their message shine.

My one joy greater than wordsmithing is spending time with my family, without whom I’d be lost. My wife, Cheryl, my daughters Abby and Rachel, and my dog Kona, are the strength and inspiration that fill my life and fuel my passion for helping others share their stories and find their success.

If you need help putting together or presenting your story, let’s talk. I’m confident
I can help!