Avoiding Business Wedgies

Skipping through the cable guide the other day, I came across the cinematic masterpiece, “Revenge of the Nerds.” I enjoyed that movie, but not for the same reasons as my friends (not entirely). Beyond the triumph of the super-smart over the super-strong, the nerds demonstrated the power of packaging and how it affects perception and acceptance.

When seen merely as runny-nosed, chess-playing, violin-toting, oddly-dressed freaks, nobody cared how many wedgies, swirlies, or other physical abuses they received. They were just “another”…another non-distinctive, not-interesting group, noticed only occasionally for their unique tolerance to waistband-abrasion and toilet-water. So, they repackaged themselves. They reintroduced themselves with less emphasis on “features” (intelligence, analytical skills, knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons characters) and more on “benefits” (outsmarting their competitors, transforming weaknesses into strengths, making people happy). They changed people’s perception of the group and generated new interest in the group. People began to notice them, cheer for them, and want to be associated with them.

Why not take the same approach to business? Because while you probably don’t have bullies pulling your underwear over your head, having people see you as “just another [insert product/service here]” can have a similar effect on your business’ visibility…and its popularity. If you’re feeling bullied by your competitors, shoved into a promotional locker where customers can’t see you, or just overlooked by those who don’t recognize your value, perhaps it’s time to rethink how you present yourself. Perhaps it’s time to step out of your own shadow, and tell your story in a new way… a way that draws people’s attention and makes them want to know more. Because as the Adams College Tri-Lam’s taught us, you can be a nerd and still be amazing. You just have to tell people about yourself in a way that’s irresistible.

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