Don’t Itemize…Illustrate!

People often ask, “So, what do you do?” But they never ask, “So, what do you sell?” And with the zillions of ads and promotions being driven into our laptops, tablets, and phones every moment of every day, we’ve become very skilled at recognizing and ignoring sales pitches…online, in print, and in person.

So when someone invites you to introduce your business, introduce your business. Don’t define your business by itemizing what you sell. Describe your business by illustrating what you offer. The difference? The first option moves listeners to a polite smile and grudging acceptance of a business card that will be in a recycle bin before the day’s end. The second engages listeners and moves them to the best possible response, “Tell me more!”

Don’t waste opportunities to generate real interest in your business. Introduce yourself to success. Ditch the pitch.

If you’d like to learn more about trading your 60-second commercial for an engaging introduction, contact the Wordsmith today!