Being Efficient Doesn’t Guarantee You’re Being Effective

Elevator pitches are about being efficient. You need to be quick, because when the bell rings and the doors open, your audience is going to leave (or depending on the length of the ride, run away). You need to be thorough, because if you don’t name every product you have, you might miss the one your listener needs. And you need to offer (force-feed) your business card, because it’s possible your business name or logo might remind them of the commercial they just ignored while counting down the moments until their escape.

Introductions are about being effective. You don’t need to smother a captive audience with information when you can captivate your audience with insight. You don’t need to race through a complicated menu of products when you can share a simple message about your purpose. And you don’t need to give away business cards when people are so engaged they ask for one…because they want to know more.

FDR once said, “Be sincere; be brief; be seated.” Don’t struggle to say everything that might apply to almost anyone. Strive to share something that will engage the right someone. Ditch the pitch!

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