Santa Claus: magic or magical-message?

I’ve never met Santa Claus, not as far as I know. Yet I feel like I know him.  How is that so? He doesn’t run ads on radio or TV. He’s not on the LinkedIn, the Twitter, or FB. Still he’s known everywhere, east-west-north-and-south. And the only medium he uses is plain-old-word-of-mouth. Is it on-time delivery, or product quality? Is it willingness to support the nice and the naughty? I think it’s the message he always portrays, whether slipping down chimneys or driving his sleigh. He might bring a toy, a puzzle, or game, but what he provides is always the same. You want people to remember your pitch or jingle, I’d suggest taking a lesson from Mr. Kris Kringle. Develop a way to tell folks what you do – not a long list of features – just a benefit or two. Present it in a way that’s compelling and quick, and in no time you’ll be as well known as St. Nick!

R.J. Foster