Introducing…the Wordsmith

“What the heck’s a Wordsmith?”  Well, it’s kind of like a blacksmith, except without the fire and sparks.  The blacksmiths of old worked in metal, creating the things people needed to make their lives better, more enjoyable, more successful.  As a Wordsmith, I work in language – forging words, spirit, and emotion.  I hammer and polish simple statements into powerful messages that can inspire, educate, and motivate – to generate interest in what you or your business, and transform the curious into clients!

I shape words into works of art.

I’m confident that as I provide illustrations of my unique approach to improving communication on professional and personal levels, there will be moments when you will think, “Hey, that sounds like me,” or, “Hmmm, I could use some help in that area.” Don’t hesitate to ask!  Because sharing stories, comparing notes, helping each other create, develop, and deliver our messages effectively is EXACTLY what this blog’s all about.

Thanks for reading!
R.J. Foster