Reason #7 to Ditch the Pitch: being stuck in someone’s head vs. being unforgettable

Commercials tend to cram a ton of information into a clever or catchy package that is delivered as consistently and frequently as possible. This is great for the seller, because it lodges their pitch in the minds of listeners where it will play when they need the product. Unfortunately for the listener, it plays other times too…while driving to work…or making dinner…or trying to concentrate on pretty much anything else. The pitch goes from being something people remember to something they can’t-get-out-of-their-head.

Given the chance to tell people about yourself or your business, you can recite a script you hope will repeat in people’s heads, or you can share an introduction that resonates in their minds and hearts.   You can restate things until they stick in people’s memories, or you can say something that makes you truly memorable. You can struggle to ingrain, or endeavor to engage.

Don’t settle for being something people won’t (or can’t) forget. Be unforgettable. Ditch the pitch.