Powerful SEO Content Begins With Personal Connection


I’ve always been intrigued by the science of search engine optimization (SEO if we’re talkin’ the talk), and fascinated by the idea of building a message around keywords and phrases that bring web searchers and surfers right to your post, page, or site. But I’ve learned that without genuine reader connection, even the best SEO copywriting is just noise. And while noise can get people’s attention, it doesn’t hold their attention for long. Content that’s optimized for search engines is not necessarily optimal for “searcher engagement,” i.e. making a connection with readers that makes them want to know more. And without that connection, the only thing visitors will click when they get to your site will be the “back” button.

SEO is a ridiculously powerful, often magical means of drawing attention to your business and increasing traffic to your website. Just remember, the real trick is connecting…conjuring up a message that readers can relate to, and that they will respond to.

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