Elevator speech secret: nobody sells to everybody

What I remember most about my first visit to the Wisconsin State Fair was the guy in the vendor building selling “super-shammies.” A miracle of spill management technology, these super absorbent sheets were able to soak up copious amounts of anything you might drip, dribble, or spill. More incredible than the sheets, though, was the way the guy was selling them. Captivated by his voice and amazed by his demonstrations, people (myself included) were feverishly groping for their wallets so as not to miss the special offer available only to the first five (might have been 50) customers.

So how did this marketing magician generate universal appeal? He spoke to everyone in the crowd, individually. He focused not on features and benefits for everyone…

This product is for any household spills.

…but on how a given feature was of particular benefit to someone…

Parents, you’ll love how quickly this product makes that juice-box-mess a memory!
Sports fans, these things will soak a spilled beer out of the sofa in seconds!

When talking about your product or service, don’t describe your ideal customer or perfect referral as, “Everyone who…” or “Anyone who…” Think about who you really want to talk to, and then talk to them in a way that they can understand and relate to. Because even if you could sell to everyone, you’d have to do it one someone at a time!

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