Conversion begins with connection

I used to get upset when my teenage daughter would demonstrate what I referred to as “advantageous interpretation disorder” – a condition that causes questions to take on whatever meaning is easiest to answer. I would ask, “Do you have any homework?” My daughter would hear, “Do you have any homework you can’t finish on the bus or during lunch tomorrow?” and with a brief look up from her phone would reply, “Uhhh, no.”

Turns out, many grown-up business people have a similar condition when it comes to message development. I ask, “Who do you want to speak to?” They hear, “Who is your target market?” and respond with information like gender, age, income, marital status, or maybe a string of job titles, positions, and descriptions. And while marketing & demographic data are important, when we focus only on facts & figures, we lose sight of insights & feelings. We gain information about segments we want to capture but miss the emotions of the individuals with whom we’re trying to connect.  And in a time when people are drowning in noise, it’s meaningful messaging that stops the endless scrolling and starts the mindful questioning.

Increased conversion begins with improved connection. Focus a little less on your “what” and a little more on your “why,” and you’ll make the connection that sparks a conversation.

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