I like “Glee.” That’s right, the television show about the high school misfits singing their way through the seemingly earth-shattering trials of adolescence. It’s not the singing itself, that draws me, though. And it’s not the cool costumes and choreography, or even the painfully brutal (yet gut-splittingly humorous) sarcasm by which the cheerleader-coach-turned-principal raises mockery to an art form.

What I like most about the show is that when they sing, I understand every word. I can’t count how often I’ve gained an increased appreciation for a song after experiencing the “Glee version.” Hearing the words more clearly gives me a better understanding of the song, and a greater appreciation for the song’s message.

How often do we sing our song in a way that is not clear? People hear us, but do they understand what we’re saying? Do we reach out to listeners with a message that conveys our spirit and our passion? Or is ours just another song-and-dance? I’m not suggesting that someone asking what we do should be a cue for a full-out musical number (elevator-speech flash-mob?). I do, however, believe a more “glee-ful” approach to telling people what you do will generate a more useful response. When you find yourself in the spotlight, deliver a performance that is understandable and memorable. Make your song the one that gets stuck in people’s heads…the one they can’t wait to share.