1.  People rarely realize when they need them.
Personally, we like to think we look good.  Professionally, we like to think we sound good.  Unfortunately, nobody wants to be the one to say you need help in either area.  Topping the list of things you’re NOT going to hear at your next networking event… “Your jacket makes you look like a clown,” and “Your elevator speech makes you sound like a used-car salesman.”

2.  People often don’t know where to shop.
Let’s say you realize that between your wardrobe and your message, the only attention you’re getting is odd looks and the occasional, “What is he thinking?”  Figuring out where to go for your promotional makeover can be tough.  There’s never a shortage of experts to direct you to what their studies show is the most effective approach for your business.  But none of them are in a position to tell you what’s most appropriate for you…where you can go to find a perfect fit.

3.  People are always afraid to show their new “look.”
Clothes always look great when a model is wearing them.  Content always sounds great when the author is reading it.  An eager young salesperson raves about how amazing you’re going to look.  An impassioned author assures you how amazing you’re going to sound.  But when you get home, everything seems less spectacular.  You wonder if you shouldn’t just stick with what’s comfortable and just leave your new material in the closet.

Want to be sure you look & sound your best?  Get opinions from people you can trust to crush your feelings.  Get insights from people you can trust to translate your feelings into a message that truly fits.  Get advice from someone you can trust to help you present your message effectively. Because when your message rocks, and you deliver it like a rock star, soon everyone will be singing your song.