I was flattered this past week when a parent at a track meet told me how much she enjoyed the columns I used to write.  I know what you’re thinking…she was just being polite.  After all it’s been years since I’ve written anything for the paper.  Then she cited her “favorite” column.  Oh my gosh, a real live fan!  Then, she asked THE question.  “Why did you ever stop writing those columns?”  And I wondered for a moment, “Hmm, why did I stop writing those columns?”

I rattled off a list of explanations that I realized were just excuses.  And unfortunately excuses are very much like like umbrellas.  We hide behind them when things get stormy because we’re afraid of getting wet, of looking & feeling like a fool.  Thing is, if you spend your life hiding behind an umbrella, you’ll never know when the sun comes back out, and you’ll miss your own chance to shine.

When you wander into the rain, don’t blame the path, and don’t make excuses for your overly-moist-appearance.  Admit that you got lost, accept that you got wet, and anticipate the rainbow that will surely lead you to your personal pot o’ gold.