One of the highlights of my first day at my first job out of college was the trip to the mailroom.  I was introduced to a marvelous device called a facsimile machine.  The “fax,” as the technology savvy mailroom manager called it, could send copies of documents anyplace in an instant (which, back then, meant sometime the same day).

Admittedly, I was easily impressed.  I still am.  I’m continually amazed by technology’s ability to accelerate communication.  It seems like there’s always a new “eThis” or “iThat” to make it easier to use the latest and greatest programs and platforms to help people stay in touch.  More and more, though, the only thing people are actually in touch with is their screens.

Growing numbers of online friends, followers, and contacts is necessary for generating visibility, and building credibility.  It’s also a means of creating opportunities to truly connect with people who can help you.  Craft a message that makes people want to know more.  And when they do, don’t just reply.  Respond!  The most powerful “eMachine” or “iDevice” function you can use is the telephone.  The most powerful (and profitable) connection you can make is in person.