Great marketing brings you to your customers.

Great messaging brings your customers to you.

Content without meaning and spirit is like a car without fuel. It might look and sound great, but it isn’t going to take you anywhere. Wordsmithing shifts your focus from what you sell to what you offer…from pitching your products to sharing your purpose…from convincing to connecting. Because in a world full of noise, the sooner people are interested in what you’re saying, the sooner they’ll be interested in what you’re selling.

Promotional Copywriting

Advertising and promotional copy that relates to readers and makes them want to know more. Past projects include print ad copy, sell-sheets, marketing collateral, promotional cards, direct mail pieces, taglines, and more.

Content for Online Platforms

Uniquely powerful combinations of optimization and conversation that engages readers and moves them to action. Past projects include website content, blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions,  professional bios, and more.

Articles / Reports / Releases

Short-form and long-form copy, built around research and/or interviews, tailored to engage, educate, and inform. Previous projects include press releases, product articles, newsletters, reporting, editorial writing, and more.

Technical Writing

Gathering information through research and subject matter expert interviews, and distilling complex material into conversational text. Previous projects include scientific articles, case studies, reports, and more.

Script Writing

Commercial script writing for informational videos, testimonial videos, advertising videos, personal introduction (elevator speech) videos, and more. Past projects include radio advertisement scripts, video scripts, voiceover scripts, and more.

Proofreading & Editing

Because spell-check doesn't know write from wrong; proof-and-polish from the Wordsmith will make your message shine.  Materials worked on include promotional materials, website content, project proposals,  presentations, letters, emails, and more.

If people aren't listening and responding to your story, the Wordsmith can help.

Discover a new approach to content that ignites interest and creates connection. Contact R.J. today!

(920) 540-3551
(920) 540-3551
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