The Power of Holiday Promotions

Holidays are amazing.  They’re spiritual, emotional, and economical.  Whatever your target market’s holiday persuasion, associating your products & services with the spirit of the season creates common ground – a level on which your customer can relate to you – a reason for them to like you.  What you’re selling might be good.  But if it’s what festive folks are enjoying while “rockin’ around the Christmas tree,” it’s even better!  And let’s not forget song tie-ins.  People who hear your name in a jingle on the radio or the web might remember you for a while.  People who hear your name in “Jingle Bells,” will think of you every time they hear that song (roughly 3-bazillion times between Nov. 1 and Dec 24).

Elevator Speech: Scripted Commercial or Simple Conversation?

When it comes to creating your message, I’m all for scribbling-out your thoughts. It’s the only way to really see what you’re thinking. Letting questions rattle around in your head and then emptying every possible response onto paper can be enlightening, and lead you to a “Wow, is that what I do?” moment.

Connection brought to you by the letters “e” and “i”

One of the highlights of my first day at my first job out of college was the trip to the mailroom.  I was introduced to a marvelous device called a facsimile machine.  The “fax,” as the technology savvy mailroom manager called it, could send copies of documents anyplace in an instant (which, back then, meant sometime the same day).

OMG, Where Did All The Words Go?

As a Wordsmith, I’ve always had a bit of an issue with text-messaging.  In fact, I consider texting a crime against language, and a major contributor to the rapid decline in young people’s ability to communicate effectively.


“Conquer your fear of public speaking!”
“You can become fearless!”
“Overcome public speaking fear!”

I have come across many programs that claim to eliminate the fear of public speaking.  Respectfully, I disagree with all of them.